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Save a fortune - build your own top quality loudspeakers!

The SQ-50 (H, L, -20) studio monitors are perfect for any kind of music, from rap to symphonies. Total reality. An open and natural, detailed and easy-to-listen-to sound, including an unusually clean and deep bass.
SQ-50īs are being used in dozens of recording studios and loved by thousands of audiophiles and other music lovers.

The VH-1 is a horn speaker follows the original Voigt design principles from the 1930īs. Using a Qts=1,0 bass/mid driver the original idea can be used without any having to deviate from the original concept. It is not "pure" Hi-Fi, but as close as you get with a horn design. Perfect for older recordings and low power amplifiers.

Let us guide you to the right speaker for your needs:

Best possible sound quality
If you are very picky and / or want studio quality sound. The uncolored sound make them suitable for all kinds of music, from rap to classical symphonies. Very open and detailed sound, You can enjoy your music for hours without getting tired.
Horn speakers.
Give the impression of higher volume than it really is, due to second harmonics typical to horns.
However, be prepared for the typical "horn" sound: A little extra high-mid gives an extra open sound, and there is also some "warm" coloration. Very good for low power tube amplifiers and old recordings.

As above, with good really deep bass, You want quality bass response, not the typical boomy unprecise sound of a subwoofer. .

Horn speakers with good bass response like these are quite a bit bigger than ordinary home speakers, so they might not fit small rooms.

Much smaller box but still enough bass (not boomy) for almost any kind of music!

Orto-acoustic (360 ° spread) loudspeakers like the famous "Carlson" from the 60īs plus the sound quality and bass response of the SQ-50L / H.

A smaller, closed design, suitable as satellite / bookshelf speakers.
Sound quality is just as good, but the bass is weak.