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CM-5017 Power amp module / Monoblock.
Connections, drawings.

CM-5017 has an 8-way terminal:

1. Minus 30-35V with 8 Ohm speakers, minus 20-23V with 4 Ohm speakers
2. Power (and loudspeaker) ground from PSU
3. Loudspeaker minus
4. Loudspeaker plus
5. Signal ground from PSU
6. Input ground
7. Input signal
8. Plus 30-35V with 8 Ohm speakers, plus 20-23V with 4 Ohm speakers

Power supply (PSU):

As you can see, the PSU is very simple, just a transformer, rectifier diodes, capacitors and fuses.
The CM-5017 is quite insensitive to the ripple from the power supply, so this all you need.
(If an amplifier needs a complicated PSU, it is probably a bad amplifier design.)
The drawing above, as a printable PDF file, click here.

If you have some experience from electronic projects, building a high quality amplifier with the SQ-5017 modules should be a simple task.
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