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Hand crafted audiophile Hi-Fi not found anywhere else.
Full studio quality at supermarket prices!

Spend a few hours assembling our kits and you get sound quality only found in exclusive Hi-Fi shops.

Valutronic (Sweden) was started in 1968 and has designed, produced and sold our own electronics since then.
Sound qyality and reliability are our first priorities. We select the best components and assemble our products with great care. Our power amplifiers only use discrete ultra-fast small signal semiconductors and low capacitance HEXFET:s.
Our loudspeaker use carefully selected and individually tested drivers and high-quality filter components.
No corners are cut to increase production speed or profit as mass-producing companies are forced to.
We hand solder our PCB:s to make sure every single solder is OK, to ensure long-lasting quality performance.
When you buy your Hi-Fi from us you get the highest possible quality to price ratio.
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We have designed and built loudspeakers for our family and friends since the company was started, but in 2004 we decided to take a closer look at bass reflex designs and stumbled over a dutch private website. A guy had visited the US patent office, and found a very special design for which he published an excel sheet. We used that to design our first SQ-50 loudspeakers. (SQ stands for Studio Quality and 50 for the RMS power.)
Klick here for the SQ-50 H, here for the SQ-50 L studio quality monitors and here for the orto-acoustical SQ-50C.
Since 2004 the SQ-50īs have been refined even further.
In 2016 there was a filter component upgrade and we also upgraded the tweeters to the best we have heard.
We now use real audio quality axial polycarbonate capacitors (no crossover distortion, no IM distortion, and no hot-spot problems), stable ceramic resistors and air coils.
Still, as you build the cabinets yourself, you save a huge part of what similar speakers with the same high quality sound would cost ready made in a specialist Hi-Fi shop. This sound quality is not found in any supermarkets.
Finally, in april 2017, as se accuired a new high precision loudspeaker calculation / simulation software, the bass ports were re-calculated to improve both stability at high volume and deep bass response linearity.

The sound quality of the SQ-50 range is now identical to the Sennheiser studio headphones we use for reference.
The detailed sound, low distortion and wide frequency response (including sub-bass) puts them among the very best sounding speakers you can buy. But at a price you can afford. And to make certain that you donīt get any faulty components, all speaker drivers are individually tested by us and only those that meet our demands are used in our speaker kits.
We do not recommend using the loudspeaker drawings and instructions on our site for practical use. They are here only to give an idea of how easy it is to build your loudspeakers using our instructions.
So, please wait for the printed instructions that are included in our speaker kits until you start your project.

In 2005 we opened a shop in Gothenburg (Sweden), and at the same time the first SQ-50H model was ready.
The SQ-50 has a very detailed sound, so now we could hear the imperfections of the NAD amplifier we had.
We quickly realized that we had to do something, and buying a 5,000 USD (or more) power amp that was good enough to meet our demands was a bit heavy at that time.
However, with decades of audio amplifier design experience, we decided to make our own amplifier.
The goal was a really top quality amplifier for demonstrationg the sound quality of our loudspeakers. There must be no colouring of the sound, neither warm (tube) nor cold (transistor/IC). Also, the speed of the components had to be very high, not to loose the smallest detail in the music. Also, the frequency response had to be very wide to avoid any phase-shift between fundamentals and harmonics of any instrument anywhere in the audio spectrum.
With a goal like this you donīt just copy existing designs provided by semiconductor manufacturers, and there was definately no IC that could do all this.
We had to start from scratch, and after two years and about 30 prototypes we finally had an amplifier that met our
standards.  Sound quality was as good as it gets, but it was a bit sensitive. A short circuit of a few milliseconds was enough to kill it, so one had to be very careful with the loudspeaker cables. And loss of either voltage (+ or -) also resulted in a crasch, with full plus or minus to the speaker, with a damaged voicecoil as a result. So, it was extremely important to get every detail right. But bit by bit we included protection. First current limitation, then protection against loosing + or -, then (which is a major plus:) a totally stable quiescent current stabilization that needed no adjustment and finally protection against polaryt switching, making the power amp module (now CM-50-16) suitable for also for less experienced hobbyists.

By the way, the C variant looks like this. If you live outside Sweden you might never have seen a loudspeaker looking like this. However, during the late 1960īs and 1970īs at least 100,000 of the "OA5 MK II" were sold, the most popular loudspeaker model ever in Sweden.
The SQ-50C is an improved model we have designed ourselves, using modern high-quality components.
These loudspeakers were specifically designed for a normal living room environment.
They have three unique features:
1. Music sounds like if the musicians are playing in your own room.
2. You donīt have to find a "sweatspot". The music is enjoyable all over the room.     
3. You can place the speakers where they fit in with your furniture, instead of moving your furniture to make place for the best positions of your speakers.

Read more about the CM-50C orto-acoustical loudspeaker here.

Our speakers are carefully designed, and the SQ-50 L, H and C go deep into the subbass range, but unlike the rumbling bass you get from most subwoofers, they deliver a dry and clean "musical" bass. So, even if two or three different bass instrument are played simultaneously they are well separated. The pure and natural sound continues up to 20 kHz, the limit of human hearing.  The sound is very pure, distinct, and easy-to-listen-to. And that is what Hi-Fi is really all about -- getting the best sound quality possible.

Click here for the H, here for the L or here for the C variant.
We export to most parts of the world!

About us: Valutronic is the name of our family company since 1984. But it was founded already in 1968 under the name "SB-Elektronik". Since then, we have been producing  both Hi-Fi, PA, industrial and automotive electronics, both as sub-contractors for industries in Sweden and for sale directly from us.
2017 is the year we finally go on export in a serious way.